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We have put a unique code on each box of MyoGen products to recognize its authenticity. A thin coat of grey paint covers the hidden code. Please Scratch it gently so as not to remove the characters below it. Then please visit https://check-myogenlabs.com/, enter the code, click on "Send". You will have the answer after a few seconds.
If after these steps, the product is NOT certified as an original MyoGen product, we invite you to send us an email stating: the website (or direct reseller) on which you made your purchase, the date of your order, the number of your order as well as clear photos of the authentication codes and MyoGen boxes you received.


MyoGenLabs does not currently sell directly to users. However, we work with many authorized resellers who ship our products worldwide. You can find them by clicking on the following link: https://myogenlabs.com/authorized-retailers/. Click on the logo of your choice to be redirected to the reseller's website.
When looking to buy MyoGen products, if the website does not appear in the list of resellers on https://myogenlabs.com/authorized-retailers/, you can check if it is an official reseller by entering the site URL on the link in the "check" section. If the site is not registered as an official reseller, then you should certainly not buy there, and choose another reseller that is approved by us instead.


The price list of MyoGen products as well as the details concerning the shipping and the different means of payment are not our responsability and are available on the websites of our authorized resellers. You can find them by visiting https://myogenlabs.com/authorized-retailers/


Our brand does NOT provide direct advices. To ensure that you reach your goal, some of our authorized resellers may have free performance coaching services who will be happy to advise and guide you. You will know who they are by clicking on this link: https://myogenlabs.com/authorized-retailers/ We invite you to contact them.


Do you have a portfolio of customers to whom you want to offer MyoGen products? Do you have a store or do online business? At MyoGenLabs, we are always welcoming new collaborators. If you wish to become an authorized reseller and appear on https://myogenlabs.com/authorized-retailers/, we invite you to complete the form available here: https://myogenlabs.com/become-an-authorized-distributor/

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